Our Company

Powering e-business since 1996.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative e-commerce solutions to help our clients efficiently reach their objectives, while harnessing the power of interactive technologies. In doing so, we seek to create value for our clients, our employees and our shareholders.

Our Clients

Our international client base includes private sector businesses, public sector organizations and consumers. We currently provide solutions for the following markets:

  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Consumers Solutions
  • Diamonds and Jewelry
  • Electronics Components, IT and Telecom 
  • Government Opportunities (goods, services and construction projects)
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Wine and Spirits

Our e-commerce solutions

Our members use our e-business networks and solutions to improve their productivity and enhance their competitiveness in today's rapidly expanding global marketplace.

  • Marketplaces:
    Allow buyers and sellers to easily find, purchase and sell products and services.
  • Publishing & Procurement:
    Help contractors and vendors access information on business opportunities, from the government and private sectors.
  • Business solutions:
    Provide professionals with automated and integrated business solutions to streamline the supply chain.

Business Profiles


Public:MDF (TSX)


Business Locations:

Canada: Montreal, Ottawa

US: Albany, Atlanta

China: Shenzhen

Revenues (FY2016): $73.0 M

2015 rankings:

Top 25 Canadian Software Companies* (#17)

Top 250 Canadian IT & Communications Companies* (#71)

* Source: 2015 annual edition of the Branham 300 external